Support for the Knysna Basin Project

February 17, 2017
By admin

The Knysna basin project is an NPO based in Knysna, who strive to protect, conserve and understand the Knysna Basin.

The organisation was started in 1995 by Brian Allanson and was originally focused entirely on scientific research within the Knysna Estuary and surrounds. Since 2014 they have expanded their focus to include education and conservation.

This important organisation is the driving force behind the conservation of the fragile biodiversity which is the Knysna basin, and all of the creatures who live in it, including the rare and endangered Knysna Seahorse.


To get involved with this valuable organisation, or to make a donation to the Knysna Basin Project please visit the Knysna Basin Project official website.

Or you can download more information here:  Knysna Basin Project Organization