Fondly known as the “True Heart of Knysna”, Woodmill Lane opened in December 1990 on the historical site of Knysna’s 1919 Sawmill and Timber Factory. The centre houses 75 shops, ranging from restaurants, boutiques and art galleries to bigger retail stores.

Come and enjoy a laid-back afternoon in our beautiful piazza, whether you wish to relax and admire Mark O’Donovan’s beautiful kinetic art pieces, indulge in a delicious meal or just catch up on some people watching while the kids are playing at Pirate Island – Woodmill Lane has something to offer one and all! Be sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming events, movie nights and live entertainment schedules.

Steeped in History…

Woodmill Lane rests on the site of the old town mill, which was closed in 1984. The large sawmill building of 1919 has been aesthetically incorporated into the complex, retaining Knysna’s heritage and earning Woodmill Lane its common reference as “The True Heart of Knysna”.

Ambiance & Food

Visit the heart of Victorian Knysna and savour the ambience of Woodmill Lane. Enjoy a great meal  in the piazza whilst watching the water fountains and listening to live music from some of our finest local musicians. The centre houses 75 shops ranging from a Pick n Pay Supermarket to colourful boutiques, restaurants, galleries and arts & crafts.


Woodmill Lane is one of the few shopping centres to have a European style open-air piazza. This crafts a lovely festive feel and makes it an ideal venue for local events. Over the years Woodmill Lane has hosted some wonderfully successful events, from Carols by Candlelight to Pavement Art and Movies under the Stars. Keep an eye out for any upcoming events.

Kinetic Artworks

The centre houses the country’s largest collection of Mark O’Donovan’s Kinetic Art. These amazing features can keep you occupied and entertained for hours – the mechanics are cleverly synchronised and work in effortless harmony. These unique items can be seen on display throughout the centre.

Woodmill Machinery

Woodmill Lane still houses some of the original sawmill machinery, now brightly painted and on display throughout the centre. Most of these magnificent machines date back to the early 1900′s and have arrived from all over the globe, from as far a field as England. Take a leisurely stroll and observe these mechanical wonders.